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Rab Latok Hat

16th Apr 2018

It's been a tough winter so I've done a lot of hat-wearing over the last six months. Years ago I had a decent mountain hat with ear flaps and a peak, but somewhere aliong the line it got lost and I'd been reduced to wearing beanies. Enter the Latok hat from Rab.

Rab Latok Hat

This photo was taken in sub zero conditions (probably -5C) and 50mph winds. With the hood down it was definitely chilly in just the hat, but with the hood up too, I was toasty warm. 
Truth be told I was a little surprised when it arrived as it wasn't insulated as my old hat had been, but that's really just my expectations. Once I'd accepted that it was different I appreciated it for what it is, a good quality waterproof and windproof mountain hat for use in all but he coldest conditions. Without any insulation it packs up incredibly small, weighing an laughably little 55g. It has an elasticated toggle on the back to synch it up nice and tight, and rather than ear flaps, it has a complete ear and neck gusset which keeps you properly dry and out of the wind. The peak keeps off most rain and means sunglasses are less essential in bright conditions, but it obviously doesn't protect from reflection from snow on the ground.  Retails at £35.

More info on the Rab website.