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Lightweight - This Year

GravityWorks 2L Filter 18th Apr 2018 Platypus Water Filter - Gravity Works 2l Complete Kit

Last summer we found ourselves in California visiting friends. During the trip we spent some time in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a stunningly beautiful area crammed full of rivers and lakes....

Rab Latok Hat 16th Apr 2018 Rab Latok Hat

It's been a tough winter so I've done a lot of hat-wearing over the last six months. Years ago I had a decent mountain hat with ear flaps and a peak, but somewhere aliong the line it got lost...

Montane Cordillera Thermal Tights 21st Mar 2018 Montane Cordillera Thermal Tights

Last Saturday was one of those magical weather days that don’t come around very often. Snowy, windy, sunny, windy, cold and windy. I was out for the best part of five hours, running our local...

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