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Craft Flex Hood Full Zip

5th Sep 2011

Love it love it love it.

Ever since getting this hoody I’ve been a big fan. It’s not super technical. It isn’t waterproof. It may not be incredibly durable. But it feels awesome, looks great, and is incredibly inexpensive. Retailing at anywhere from £28 to £40 it’s a snip compared to some similar tops on the market. It’s 100% polyester so nothing fancy, but it feels really comfortable as a result. The two big pockets are snug on a cold day, but I wouldn’t trust to leave anything in there for any length of time as they have very wide openings. Mine comes with a zip up the front so probably isn’t a true hoody, but I like the practicalilty of it, unzipping it on a warm day. So far the material has shown no sign of wear and tear despite being worn 3 or 4 days a week for 6 months! Sold as a cycling top I've used it for cycling, walking, climbing, bouldering and general day to day use. Get one.

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Craft Flex Hood