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Men's Navigator Cargo Trousers - Berghaus

23rd May 2014

Website Description

Men's Navigator Cargo Trousers by Berghaus - Classic Polycotton Walking Trousers

In Practice

Pretty much exactly what it says in the description above. Comfortable, with an elasticated waist belt which is furnished with plenty of belt loops (though no integral belt). There are a couple of rear pockets and a couple on he front, with a single large zipped pocket on the left thigh (I like trousers with plenty of pockets now that I am often carrying a mobile, a camera, and a wallet and keys, and need to keep the phone and camera separate from each other and anything else to avoid scratching the screens). They dry reasonably quickly, and whilst they are not super-lightweight they certainly don't feel heavy on the legs or in a bag. They have a small hanging loop for drying rooms which I like.


They retail at £35 which is fairly inexpensive for a pair of trousers that will do for walking, climbing, and general knocking about. There's nothing technical about them, but that's not necessarily a bad thing at times!

Brghaus Mens Navigator Cargo Trousers

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