Clothing - April 2012 - Heason Events

Clothing - April 2012

Patagonia Organic Jeans 27th Apr 2012 Patagonia Organic Jeans

It was inevitable that the world’s most popular trousers would make it into the outdoor market. A couple of years ago I tested some Alpkit jeans (which were waterproof) and have also had a pair...

The North Face Women s Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket 27th Apr 2012 The North Face Women's Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket

  The North Face Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket is aiming at two sophisticated markets. It has been designed with warmth and sport in mind, but it is also aimed at the fashion conscious woman who...

the north face diez jacket heason events 3rd Apr 2012 The North Face Diez Down Jacket

I managed for a few years without a down jacket, but the last few winters have encouraged me to see the error of my ways. This little baby from The North Face is a a far cry from my previous one....

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