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Clothing - July 2014

Salomon Twin Skin Shorts 11th Jul 2014 Salomon Trail Twinskin Short

Introduction Shorts are shorts right? Wrong. Whilst it's perfectly possible to run in pretty much any old shorts if you are running fast or light or far, or any combination of the three then it...

Berghaus Vapour Shell Goretex Trousers 10th Jul 2014 Berghaus Vapour Shell Goretex Trousers

Introduction Also known as the Vapour Shell Pant (I still find it strange adopting this Americanism and like to call trousers trousers, and not pants!). Features It's pretty tricky writing in...

rab-mens-vapour-rise-lite-alpine-jacket-maya-l 103202 3rd Jul 2014 VR Lite Alpine Maya Jacket - RAB

Introduction I have two young boys so whenever we are out and about I am invariably carrying my kit and theirs, be it spare jackets on a day-walk, or full camping gear if out overnight. It means...

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