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Salomon Speedcross Kids Running Shoes

2nd Aug 2017

Review by Bryn, aged 11.


These shoes are perfect for a lot of different things, running being the best.
This is a list of things that I like about these shoes:

  • My favorite thing about these shoes is the quick-release mechanism that allows you to slip them on and off quickly and easily.
  • The grip on these shoes is good and prevents you from falling over when you are running.
  • They are perfect for making your footfall as light as possible and the sole is soft and comfortable.

Salomon Speedcross Kids Running Shoes
Now that I have got these awesome shoes I have started to notice how many people have them and how popular they are.
 These shoes are easily the best shoes that I have ever had, not only that but there is also a range of even better types of speed cross:

  • Speedcross 4
  • Speedcross 4 GTX
  • Speedcross 4 CS
  • Speedcross Pro
  • S-Lab Spoeedcross
  • Speedcross Vario GTX

And loads more brilliant types here.
As I only really ever run off-road or on a rough track I can not really say whether they are good for running on off-RoadCyclingUK or not, however I am saying that Salomon speed cross shoes are totally worth getting for they are brilliant for the right style of running and I truly recommend you to get them if you like running.
You can read more about the shoe, and buy them directly, from there Salomon website.