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Rab Neutrino 400 Sleeping Bag

15th Jul 2014


It seems fitting that after writing a Blog piece on supporting local businesses I should now be writing a review of a company who, as one of their selling points, point out that their bags are filled here in Derbyshire by staff who have been with the company for over 20 years. Highly commendable! So I've had a number of Rab bags in the past and always been a fan. However I've never had one this lightweight.


At 810g it's amongst the lightest bags out there that will actually keep you warm on a cold night. It's rated down to -20 degrees Celsius (-3 in comfort). Since I've had the bag the temperature has been nowhere near -3 let alone -20 so I can't comment, but I would say that I've never yet slept (naked) in a bag with the temperature down to the lower rating without feeling cold so I always treat those numbers with respect and try to make sure that I have another layer or two if it looks like being cold. To put it into context 810g is just under a litre of water in weight - that's pretty darned impressive for the single piece of equipment that you need to carry that will keep you warm. It also packs down to a very compact 40cm by 22cm (if you have a compression sack and are willing to put in a little elbow grease then you can get it smaller still, though it doesn't then pack as well in a bag with other items).  Essentially it means lightweight travel with camping gear is that much more pleasurable for not having to carry a heavy and bulky rucksack.


The down inside has been developed in conjunction with Nikwax to make it hydrophobic. Whilst this doesn't make it waterproof it does help keep the down inside dry in damp air, and stops it clumping together. It's tapered towards the feet which means a little less room for tossing and turning at night, but it cuts down on weight and bulk, and makes it warmer inside thanks to fewer air pockets. It has a 3/4 length zip which combines with a collar and hood drawstring to allow you to really mummify yourself on cold nights if you don't get claustrophobic! One thing I particularly like is the zip. They've done a grand job of constructing it so that it doesn't snag easily which lots of lightweight kit does due to the thinner materials used in their construction. And last, but not least, it comes supplied with two bags - a large cotton storage bag, and a smaller waterproof drybag with compression straps for traveling with - a nice touch.


Retailing at £360 it's a hefty price tag, but once again it's worthwhile if weight and space are at a premium. Rab stick to the basics and get them right, this bag is warm, nicely featured and lightweight.

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Pertex Quantum® outer fabric
Pertex Quantum® inner fabric
800FP European Goose Down
Rab® fluorocarbon free Hydrophobic Down developed in conjunction with Nikwax®
Mummy taper shape
Proportionally assigned differential cut  
Internal YKK 3 coil zipped stash pocket
¾ length YKK 5 coil main zip
Left and right hand zips available
Anti snag zipper webbing tape
Internal collar and hood drawcord
Improved close fitting neck baffle design
Trapezoidal baffle chamber design
Angled foot box
Dry bag compression stuff sack
Cotton storage sack
Temperature tested to new European standard EN13537: 2012
Hand filled in Derbyshire UK