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Wild Swimming - Hidden Beaches

26th Jul 2016

If you follow my reviews at all then you will know that I am a big fan of the Wild Swim series of books. I find them thoroughly inspirational, especially in light of yesterday's Blog post about scaremongering in the press over reservoir swimming (for the record I am not encouraging wild swimming in reservoirs, but would like to see a more proactive response by the reservoir managers to manage them better and develop safe areas for swimming). Anyway, this latest book is another gem, detailing some of the UK's loveliest beaches with clear descriptions of how to get to them and, as usual, a raft of stunning images. If you like the sea, you like swimming, and you like exploring, then this book is an absolute must-have. Get it now whilst the summer is still high. It's priced at £16.99 which is less than the price for a family swimming pass at most pools and lidos, yet will provide way, way more entertainment over the years. I grew up in Snowdonia, close to a lot of coast line, and with adventurous parents, but 5 minutes browsing this book has already shown me a lad of new places to go and explore. I've already reviewed a whole series of these books so I shan't repeat myself on the general points. However I will say that I am really pleased to say that, after having criticised all the previous guides for a lack of 'proper' maps, this one has done a really good job of incorporating some decent maps. These maps are annexed at the back of the book which means the rest of the guide retains its pictorial style. Massive thumbs up from me.


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