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Wild Swimming - Sydney

21st Jun 2016

I’m an avid fan of wild swimming, and love the ever-growing series of Wild Swimming  guidebooks published by ~Wild Things Publishing. Wild swimming by its vey nature tends to take you off the beaten track, is more often than not located on beautiful scenery, and is invigorating to do. I’ve pretty much never regretted stripping off and jumping in, regardless of the weather or temperature. In fact it’s often the times when you have to persuade yourself that it’s a good idea that are the best, and it pays to remember these occasions for the next occasion that doubt creeps in.


I’ve never been to Australia, but it’s long been on the list of amazing looking places to go. There’s a scene in Crocodile Dundee where they happen upon a large fresh water pool out in the bush and take a swim to cool off and it’s stuck with me since being a kid. This book is effectively a guide to dozens of such pools, as well as helping you find the best spots in and around Sydney itself. It’s no secret that Ozzie’s like to swim, and it’s no wonder with this array of amazing spots to choose from. It’s actually bumped Australia a little further up the list of countries to visit. Armed with this guide I reckon it looks a lot of fun!


The book retails at £16.99 and would be worth its weight in gold if you are travelling to Sydney...

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