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Trango World Micro Lite Sleeping Mattress

18th Apr 2013

Weighing in at 712g this mattress is all about weight. It’s called a Micro Lite, and it is indeed very light. I’ve certainly slept on lighter ones, but they’ve been lighter for two obvious reasons – they have been shorter, and thinner. The Micro Light is a full length mat (185cm by 50cm), and is plenty thick enough for all except car boot camping when there really is no excuse not to pack a whopper. It’s key reason for weighing so little is its tapered foot end, and clearly made of reasonably lightweight materials. It packs up into a roll a bit bigger than a standard sized toilet roll which means it’s easy enough to pack inside a rucksacak and does not need to be strapped to the outside. Warmth wise I have yet to feel even the slightest bit cold, including bivvying out in a snow cave in the recent winter weather. It’s so far remained free of punctures (but interestingly doesn’t come with its own puncture repair kit). I can blow it up in a shade over 30s, and deflate it completely in a shade over a minute. The valve has a plastic cap which protects it and stops grit and bits getting inside it which is a nice touch,. Retails at £79.99 which is reasonable value for money in my book.


Trango Lite Website

Here’s the blurb from the press release:

Trangoworld self-inflating mattresses have been certified according to world recognised Oeko-Tex® 100.  This certificate guarantees that all the self-inflating mattresses meet the standards required for products with direct contact to the skin. It guarantees that they are free of allergenic elements, heavy metals and carcinogenic substances and all textile products with this certification state their ecological quality.
Highlights from this extensive range include the Micro Lite which has a polyester non–slip external cover, very low density foam inner in a ‘mummy’ shape with horizontal channels.  The Micro Lite has extremely fast inflation and deflation processes and offers superb thermal insulation whilst weight and volume is fully optimised.   This makes them ideal for lightweight backpacking and other activities where weight is an issue but comfort and warmth is still a necessity.
The Skin Micro Lite with a PU film  non-slip external cover weighs just an amazing 370g and has all the same specifications as the Micro Lite except it is even lighter whilst still offering excellent thermal insulation making it the perfect option for the fast packer and speed hiker.
The TrangoWorld sleeping mats come in a whole range of different sizes and weights and all have the Oeko-Tex® certification. 
This whole amazing range can be seen on and every mat comes complete with its own stuff sack and certification.