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Other - 2015

Xsories Stuffler 8l 11th May 2015 XSories Stuffler 8l Dry Bag

Xsories are a new brand to me, but I've reviewed a couple of their bits of kit recently and have been impressed by both. The oddly named Stuffler is billed as an 'Extremely Water-Resistant Duffle...

xsories sneaker power bank battery 1 5th May 2015 Xsories Sneaker Bank

It's clearly becoming ever more important to have a power source with us as a back up charger for your phone, camera, watch or any one of dozens of other electronic devices that accompany us in...

Aquasphere Kaimen Exo Goggles 22nd Apr 2015 Aquasphere Kaimen Exo Goggles

To my mind there are really only two things that matter with a pair of goggles: do they keep the water out, and do they stay mist free. The Kaimen Exo does both with bells on. I swim once a week...

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