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Vango Adventure Wind Break 14th Dec 2012 Adventure Windbreak - Vango

I honestly never thought that I would own a windbreak. Call me a snob, but the bright stripy ones that adorn our beaches every summer seem like something from a bygone era to me, a memory of happy...

KMF 13th Nov 2012 What Is It About Kendal?

What is it about the Kendal Mountain Festival that makes it so good? I’m off up there again this Saturday. Going with Lissa who’s working more and more with me on my events, so that she can...

FizanCompact Walking Pole 22nd Mar 2012 Fizan Compact Walking Poles

I guess it’s a sign of getting older, but I’m finding that I am using poles more and more often when out in the hills. I’m running a lot which means my knees are taking a hammering so the...

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