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Kids - 2017

VauDe Escape Kids Pants 19th Dec 2017 Kids Escape Pants - VAUDE

Kids waterproof trousers come and go in our family pretty quickly. When they were younger we bought pair after pair of cheap, thin, no-frills versions for a few quid. They'd last a few months...

Snip20171031 1 31st Oct 2017 Kids Escape Light Jacket II - VAUDE

I've said it in numerous previous reviews, but  I will say it again; too many of us kit ourselves out with funky technical kit, but neglect our kids. VAUDE produce a decent range of junior...

Salomon Speedcross Kids Running Shoes 2nd Aug 2017 Salomon Speedcross Kids Running Shoes

Review by Bryn, aged 11.   These shoes are perfect for a lot of different things, running being the best.   This is a list of things that I like about these shoes:   My favorite thing...

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