Kayaking - July 2017 - Heason Events

Kayaking - July 2017

Bulkhead Tapered 3 12th Jul 2017 Sealline Bulkhead Tapered Dry Bag

I reviewed a Sealline Dry Bag a week or so back and referenced a bag made by the same company which I have had and used for nearly 20 years, and which is still going strong. This one is not...

Flex 3 explode 4th Jul 2017 MSR Flex 3 System - Cookware

MSR have a certain genius for designing clever kit. The Flex Systems are essentially nesting sets of cooking pans, plates / bowls, and cups. I'd intended to get the Flex 4 System as we are a...

Seal Pak 3rd Jul 2017 Sealline Seal Pak Waterproof Hip Pack

A handy sized waterproof bag for a wide range of sports and activities. The Seal Pak has a 4l capacity so is best used for valuables and stuff that you need quickly - wallet, phone, camera etc....

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