Kayaking - June 2017 - Heason Events

Kayaking - June 2017

P5310354 22nd Jun 2017 Ruffwear Float Coat

Heading to Scotland on a sea kayaking trip with a dog we'd only had for two weeks was a bold move and required some cool kit! Having taken him down to the river at home and realising that he...

P5310354 22nd Jun 2017 Type-2 Holidaying - Loch Hourn Sea Kayaking

I'm sitting here at my desk whilst rain literally lashes the window. It's Tuesday evening, nearly 72 hours since we arrived home from out half term holiday. I'm tired, my hands are sore with...

seal boundary packs 20th Jun 2017 Sealline Boundary Pack 35 Drybag

Over the years I've managed to collect well over a dozen dry bags. Many now have little holes which is understandable given the amount of use they have had. One stands out as the toughest, most...

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