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Podcast #7: Stephen Pyke on Running The Munros

22nd Feb 2011

Ultra-runner Stephen Pyke (aka Spyke) lives in Hathersage in the Peak District and works at Sheffield University. Starting on April 25th last year with Ben More on Mull, Stephen set himself the challenge of climbing all Scotland's 3,000 ft hills, better known as the Munros in a continuous round under his own steam - on foot, by bike and paddling a kayak.

On 3rd June, just 39 days 9 hours and 6 minutes later, Spyke touched the summit cairn on Ben Hope in Sutherland to complete the fastest round of the Munros. The previous record was 48 days 12 hours set by Charlie Campbell in 2000.

Below is an interview (in two parts) with Spyke ahead of his lecture at ShAFF on Sunday 6th March. 


Part 1




Part 2