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As regularly as we can we'll be posting links to our very own Heason Events Podcasts here. If you have an idea for a Podcast, would like to feature in one, or would like to sponsor one please drop us a line

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Squash Falcolner BAF Squash on the summit 25th Sep 2012 Heason Events Podcast #16 Adventurer Squash Falconer

Derbyshire mountaineer and adventurer Squash Falcolner talks to Lissa Cook about her passion for paragliding, her recent flight paragliding from the top of Gran Paradiso (4061m) and plans to...

Maddie Thompson by Lissa Cook BAF 10 25th Sep 2012 Heason Events Podcast #17 Paralympic Basketball Player Maddie Thompson

Lissa Cook talks to the youngest member of the GB Women's Wheelchair Basketball Paralympic Team, 17 year old Maddie Thompson (from the Hope Valley Derbyshire) about dealing with the pressure,...

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