Electronics & Gadgets - 2017 - Heason Events

Electronics & Gadgets - 2017

Mobile Solar Chargers 5th Dec 2017 Mobile Solar Charger Kit

On a recent trip to Cliffbase in Croatia I was in need of some power. Cliffbase is an amazing place, but has no mains electricity, so is totally reliant on the sun. Last time we went there was...

Snip20171122 1 22nd Nov 2017 Power Traveller Extreme Solar Powered Charger

powertraveller are a brand name I recognise who have helped produce a decent competitive range of solar powered kit available for the average outdoor user. The 'Extreme' kit - actually titled...

aquapac case 1 13th Jul 2017 Aquapac Waterproof Mirrorless System Camera Case

The first test was to make sure you could get a camera into the Aquapac and shoot with it, and the answer was, yes you can, and it works quite a bit better than you’d expect. I couldn’t get...

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