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As well as the lectures below for general audiences, he offers specific presentations for corporate conferences, dinners and training programmes.


Everest Without Oxygen

The enthralling story of Stephen's ascent of a new route up the Kangshung Face of Everest.


Everest - Eighty Years of Human Endeavour

The story of western man's involvement with the world's highest mountain, from the Reconnaissance of 1921 to the present day, looking at all three sides of Everest, including the little known Kangshung Face, where Stephen wrote his own chapter in Everest's history.


Enchanted Island - In Shackleton's Steps Across South Georgia

A stunning visual feast based on Stephen's two expeditions to the Antarctic Island of South Georgia. In 1990 he made first ascents of several peaks on the island; in 2000 he returned to take part in the IMAX movie Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure, retracing Shackleton's desperate 1916 journey across the mountains, with American climber, Conrad Anker, and the famous Tyrolean, Reinhold Messner.


Mountains of the Far South

From the penguin-throned beaches of South Georgia, to the rainforests of Tierra del Fuego, to the unique mountain landscapes of Southern Africa, this slideshow describes some of Stephen's most enjoyable adventures in the mountainous lands which fringe the Southern Ocean.


A Slender Thread - Escaping Disaster in the Himalaya

When the abseil anchor ripped on the descent from Panch Chuli V in northern India, Stephen assumed that he was dying. Against all the odds, he survived a 300 foot fall, but was left stranded with two broken legs, at 19,000 feet above sea level. This is the story about the courage of his companions, including Sir Chris Bonington, who were determined, somehow, to get him out alive.


Mountains of Five Continents

An autobiographical tour of the world's mountains, from Scotland to the summit of Everest.


Motivational Presentations for Businesses

Since 1989 Stephen Venables has inspired and entertained thousands of men and women from every branch of the corporate world. The events have ranged from training days to boardroom dinners to large sales conferences. His shortest ever presentation was a fifteen minute keynote address for the launch of a new computer; the longest a three hour seminar for a travel company¹s annual conference in South Africa.


Stephen Venables offers two main presentations: Everest - The Peak of Success and A Life of Adventure - Saying ³Yes² to Opportunity. The latter is based on work he has been doing with the major British pharmaceutical company Boots plc, alongside the training company Apter International. He always likes to work closely with conference facilitators and human resource directors. Time and time again, delegates and organisers say how many chords he has struck with their own concerns at work. That relevance is very gratifying. However, equally important is the whole new perspective which he brings from a world outside the immediate corporate environment. As well as being acutely relevant, his presentations are funny, uplifting and inspirational.



See Stephen's gallery for some sample images from his shows.




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