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Dave MacLeod


Dave MacLeod has dedicated his whole life to pushing his climbing as far as he can, and to trying to understand and communicate his ideas about performance, risk and adventure through his writing, coaching and public speaking.

Dave’s efforts have been rewarded with the world’s first E11 rock climb, the first XI winter climb and being considered the best all round climber in the UK. Climbing hundreds of new routes up to 8c+, E11, V13 and XI, Dave’s material is a varied mix of adventure in different climbing settings, with stories of his adventures in the physical landscape of exploring the mountains and cliffs seeking out ever harder and bolder first ascents, as well as exploring the limits of his own persistence, dedication, and effort.

Although popular with climbing audiences, Dave has recently worked more and more with wider sporting, business and general public audiences to translate the attraction of a seemingly death defying and utterly dedicated activity into something that he manages to integrate with a traditional life in the Scottish highlands with his wife Claire.

The presentations feature highly professional material by the UK’s top film makers and photographers, but delivered in Dave’s relaxed and laid back style.