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Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma is a phenomenon. Without a doubt the world's best climber. A child prodigy, Chris's talents first came to light in 1995 when he won the US national bouldering championships aged just 14! In 2007 Chris climbed Es Puntas in Mallorca, a beautifully aesthetic and staggeringly difficult line up the underside of a natural arch above the sea. The culmination of years of effort this route, climbed solo, represented the pinnacle of Chris's climbing career, a pure line climbed with the minimum of fuss, pushing his boundaries beyond what he thought possible. Until last year that was, when he climbed the 250 foot long Jumbo Love on Clark Mountain in California. Graded F9b many thought it would remain the Impossible Climb, but Chris’s vision, talent and hard work paid off to establish the hardest route on the planet, and cement his reputation as the best.

Chris's lecture tracks his career from prodigy to superstar. His incredibly friendly persona never fails to rub off onto the audience as they sit entranced by the collection of stunning photographs and video, taken by the professional photographers Chris has worked with, illustrating the routes and boulder problems he has climbed.


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