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Ben gave his first-ever slideshow back in 2002 and has now given over 50 talks throughout in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Jersey, Italy, Switzerland and Australia. From regional and University climbing clubs to climbing festivals, conferences and schools, Ben has gained considerable and varied exposure.

As well as giving talks to climbing audiences Ben now gives numerous motivational talks to non-climbing audiences, successfully adapting his approach to ensure that everyone is entertained, and gain greatly from his inspirational, enthusiastic and often humorous anecdotes.




Angel Falls Expedition 2005

Described by some as “the most significant ascent by Brits in recent years”. Ben was part of an international Expedition to climb the world’s highest waterfall in Venezuela. With a 970m vertical drop, and overhanging around 300 feet in total, Angel Falls is also the largest overhanging traditional climb in the world. Not just a supremely hard and dangerous rock climb, but a true adventure on Venezuela’s national symbol, and one of the natural wonders of the world.


Greenland Expedition 2003

Ben was part of a successful 8 man expedition to climb the first free ascent of a 1000m granite wall in the remote fjords of Southern Greenland.


Exotic Locations

From Venezuela to Greenland, Jordan to Australia, Canada to Thailand, Czech Republic to Australia, Norway to New Zealand, Greece to the USA. Through a dazzling array of stunning photos (See Gallery), combined with tales of adventures along the way, ideal for anyone seeking motivation for some inspirational new experiences in life.


History of British Traditional Climbing

A look back over the illustrious history of British trad climbing.



"Frankly, very inspiring shots and dialogue"

"Absolutely excellent! A treat to hear so much detail straight from the horses mouth"



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