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Blog - April 2011


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20th Apr 2011 Electoral Reform?

I just spent an interesting half an hour reading up on the proposed electoral reform, from First Past The Post to Alternative Vote. I've pretty much always voted tactically due to the places I...

19th Apr 2011 A Very Depressing Day

The sun is shining and we have some lovely friends visiting from Nepal, but I've just read a thoroughly depressing article on the Guardian website about Greg Mortenson. A few months back I blogged...

18th Apr 2011 Weather Patterns

For years whenever I have been abroad and talking to foreigners about the UK I have told them that the best months to visit are May and September. To my mind they get the best of the weather, the...

11th Apr 2011 Grandad and Grandson

What a gorgous weekend in Wales. Normally we drive over in nice weather on the Friday night and get all excited, only to be gutted the following morning when it dawns wet and cold. Not so this...

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