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Blog - December 2010


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16th Dec 2010 Youtube - Life In A Day

I Blogged about Youtube recently and here's another. I read this article on the BBC last night and thought I'd share. If you haven;t got the time to read it, in a nutshell: Kevin MacDonald...

14th Dec 2010 Taking Risks With Your Kids

Having just written a review on a kids helmet it's nice timing that Boo Magazine have just published an article I wrote a while back on taking risks with kids. I can't re-print the whole thing...

9th Dec 2010 Night Shots

Earlier this year a bunch of mates and I headed up to Stanage one night to play in the snow. It was one of the most memorable nights ever. There was so much snow it defied belief. I Blogged about...

6th Dec 2010 Froggatt Today

Inspired by this UKClimbing article and Rachel Hoyland's Blog I thought I'd pop up to Froggatt this morning to see what conditions are like. I've also been being harangued by Dave Musgrove to...

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