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Blog - May 2009


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18th May 2009 Two Great Steves

Sheffield is home to two very important guys in the world of sport, both named Steve, yet if you were to ask your average Sheffield resident if they’d ever heard of either I suspect the answer...

15th May 2009 A Warning To All Shunters!

I thought I was a fairly experienced climber. I am a fairly experienced climber actually - I started doing it 17 years ago so blinkin’ well should be. However I learnt the other day that being...

8th May 2009 Perfect Bouldering Addition

Check out this telescopic ladder! No need for fiddly stick clips or long brushes ever again. I might just buy one!

6th May 2009 Snakes & Ladders

  Continuing the theme of fringe-climbing activities I headed out on Sunday to the Llanberis slate quarries with some friends on a mission to follow 'Snakes & Ladders', a 4 hour adventure...

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