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Montane Primino 140 Long Sleeved Tshirt

6th Oct 2017

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A very good, light weight thermal top for using whilst active. I first used it on a 12 our race around the Glen Coe Skyline. It was a bit of a risk, running for so long with something I had never worn before, but I've had enough Montane kit over the years to know that the quality would be good, and that there would be no rubbing seams or other problems. It is long in the body so stays tucked in if needed. The arms are long, though missing a thumb loop which I do like in a top, but pull up over the forearms if you are over-heating. 12 hours of use and it barely smelt at all - I did wash it though, and am pleased to say that there was no shrinkage or colour loss. Despite massively varying temperatures this was all I wore for the entire 12 hours. It wicked the sweat away quickly and kept me warm enough when the wind picked up. Retails at £60.
More info on the Montane website.