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Simon Yates


Born in Leicestershire in 1963 Simon Yates studied Biochemistry before abandoning a conventional life to pursue climbing. In a career spanning over twenty five years Simon’s climbing and travelling has taken him from Alaska in the west to Australia in the east, from the Canadian Arctic in the north to the tip of South America. During this time he has been fortunate enough to climb with some of Britain’s leading contemporary mountaineers including among many Andy Cave, Mick Fowler, Andy Parkin, Paul Pritchard, Doug Scott, Sean Smith and Steve Sustad.


Simon has made twelve visits to the Pakistani Karakoram, climbing numerous peaks. These have included first ascents of Leyla Peak (6300m) and Nemeka (6400m) in Hushe, a second ascent of Lobsang 2 on the Baltoro and various 6000m peaks on the Hispar Glacier. In other parts of the world, Simon has succeeded with a team making the first British ascents of Khan Tengri (6995m) in Kazakhstan and for a time concentrated on big wall climbing in Patagonia and Baffin Island - the most notable achievement, a new route on the Central Tower of Paine in Chilean Patagonia. Simon has made five sailing and mountaineering trips to Chilean Tierra del Fuego resulting in the first ascents of Monte Ada (2100m), Monte Iorana I & II (2340m &2070m) the third ascent of Monte Frances (2200m) and sailing round Cape Horn.


In September 2004 Simon returned to Pakistan and made the first ascent of the S.W.Face of Hispar Sar (6400m), and in May 2005 climbed a new route on the West Face of Mount Alverstone (4439m) in the remote Wrangell - St Elias range of mountains on the Alaskan - Yukon border.

In addition to climbing for himself, Simon has successfully guided clients to the summits of peaks such as Ama Dablam (6856m) in Nepal, Aconcagua (6960m) in Argentina, Khan Tengri (6995m) in Kazakhstan and Spantik (7027m) in Pakistan.


Simon's first book - 'Against the Wall' was published to critical acclaim in 1997 and was runner up in The Boardman Tasker Award for mountain literature. His second book ‘The Flame of Adventure’ was published in 2001 and was short-listed for a prize in the prestigious Banff Mountain Book Festival.


Concluding his review for the American Alpine Journal Jeff McCarthy noted, ‘In ‘The Flame of Adventure’ we look back across one mountaineer’s wild times, desperate effort, joy and uncertainty. We are privileged to watch him wrestle that variety of experience into a philosophy that explains excuses and inspires.’


Simon lives in Cumbria with his wife and young son and daughter. He works as a writer and lecturer, while also running his own commercial expedition company – Mountain Dream.


Simon has lectured to general, outdoor enthusiast and business audiences here in the U.K. and abroad in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Iceland, Italy, India, New Zealand, Slovakia, Sweden and the U.S. His lectures are characterised by a dry, humorous and philosophical style with an emphasis on the more bazaar experiences of a mountaineer’s life. They are all accompanied by stunning images collected during his travels.

His Talks:


‘Beyond the Void’

A popular life and times presentation. Edited highlights from twenty years of global mountaineering and travel.


‘Karakoram Climbs’

Lightweight mountaineering during the course of twelve expeditions to the world’s greatest mountain range – The Pakistani Karakoram.


‘South American Summits’

From the snowy mountains of Peru in the north to the big granite walls of Patagonia, continuing right down to the continents most southerly mountain range –The Cordillera Darwin – so remote it can only be accessed by ocean going yacht.


‘The Uttermost Part of the Earth’

Sailing and climbing in one of the world’s most remote mountain ranges outside of the polar regions – The Cordillera Darwin in Chilean Tierra del Fuego.


Simon also offers corporate presentations and after dinner speeches specially tailored to individual clients needs. There will be copies of both Simon’s books and posters available to buy at lectures.

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