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Johnny Dawes


Many of Johnny's climbs remain unrepeated even now and those that have, have often been climbed in no better style than the first ascent which were often climbed ground up or with little visible drama. He found climbs on classic British crags as well as on the more far flung in India, Morocco, oz, Norway, the U.S.A and Kurgyzistan, The notable British highlights listed below span a wide range of rock types, and styles. These climbs typify his achievements, his travels the constant search for the impossible and magical. These he loves to talk about and to recall the frequently ridiculous things that have happened. A typical lecture will be an unusual show involving unseen Video, award winning video, writings, drawings and his notorious approach to communicating using metaphor and humour.
In the lectures, these climbs are placed in the wider world of learning, and of experience a lifetime of climbing at the top entails. He will tell you about encounters with animals, curious happenings and sinister mysteries. Questions are welcomed and community spirit a definite healthy bonus. What lies at the centre of genius and how to find it? Where does the limit lie? How will climbing involve art, rehabilitation, and invention? These are the subjects that a lifetime of pushing and pulling have left behind.


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