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Jerry Moffatt

During his long and illustrious career he:

  • Won 10 international competitions (in just two and a half years of competing) and retired in 1990 ranked No 1 in the world
  • Was responsible for countless first ascents all over the world including
  • Liquid Amber - Britain's first F8c - now F8c+
  • Dominator - one of the world's first Font 8B boulder problems - in Yosemite
  • Superman and The Ace - both boulder problem firsts for their time - 8A+ and 8B respectively
  • Played an integral role in the development of today's performance rock shoes
  • Built one of the first training cellars, and was largely responsible for the Foundry climbing wall in Sheffield, the first wall of its kind anywhere in the world
  • Raced rally cars

As well as all that, he's a superb public and motivational speaker! Jerry has given talks in the UK, Canada, the USA, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway and Germany.


About Me - How I Started Climbing

An absolute classic featuring the incredible climbing monkeys of India! Listen to Jerry explain how he started out as nobody special, but soon learned how to play the game that saw him catapulted to quite probably the most famous climber in the world


Hard Routes & Boulder Problems

Jerry takes you on a personal guided tour of his favourite and hardest routes and problems around the world


How To Get Good

Listen to Jerry extol the virtues of training, discipline and hard work, and most importantly how to make it pay off in the end


Climbing Abroad

Travel through Chad & The Sahara Desert with Heinz Zak. Also Japan, India, Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, Thailand


Motivational / Corporate

The first person in the UK to become a full time professional, sponsored climber, Jerry has always excelled at the business side of climbing, being a millionaire at the age of 41!

Goal Setting & How To Achieve Those Goals

How the mind can work better for you under the pressure of hard, dangerous routes, or buisness deadlines and day to day stress in a working environment


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