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Jerry Gore


Internationally acclaimed mountaineer and marketing consultant, Jerry lives full time in the French Alps running chalet accommodation in the Hautes-Alpes


Jerry's Talks


For climbing and moutaineering clubs and societies

Northern Highlights

Jerry lives and works with the Eskimos on Baffin Island, during the first Big Wall expedition to The Eastern Fjords, and success on some of the largest unclimbed faces on the Planet.

Mussel Power!

Jerry contrasts 2 very different expeditions to Southern Greenland - one involving a cutting edge ascent with Silvo Karo and Tony Penning, the other with Sir Chris Bonington and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston getting into deep waters during a combined sailing/mountaineering trip.

Live at the Crucible

Big Wall antics in Low's Gully, Mt Kinabalu, Borneo - snakes, scorpions and a 1000m overhanging wall all live-streamed onto the internet - as featured in Trail Magazine (August '03)

Alpine Turmoil

2003 saw the closure of Mt Blanc, the destruction of the Bonatti Pillar on the Dru, and a huge increase in glacier accidents across the Alps. Jerry covers key developments, what is currently climbable and what is not, plus recommendations on how to survive and enjoy the Alps in the current period of geological change.

Peaks and Personalities

Over a 25 year climbing career Jerry highlights some of the key figures he has shared a rope with including Sir Chris Bonington, Mick Fowler, Al Hinkes, Stephen Venables, and Ian Parnell.

Young Men On Fire

Jerry takes you to Canada’s Bugaboo Range in the heart of the Rockies where he completed an amazing 8 day climb on the biggest face in the Range, The West Face of Howser Tower. Sleeping suspended in slings, having run out of food, his partner Warren Hollinger and he finally summitted at night in a snow storm only to be hit by a direct lightning strike. Semi-paralysed, suffering third degree burns and hypothermic, Jerry describes their traumatic descent and the final story behind the route name ‘Young Men on Fire’. “Rock and roll alpinism in the Canadian Rockies - electrifying!” Andy Cave.

Expedition Revelations

With over 20 international mountaineering expeditions under his belt Jerry unravels the heady life of Greater Ranges climbing. He covers all the essential need-to-know stuff as he tells how he got started, the numerous epics and the many lessons learnt along the way, from taking a novice up the North Face of The Eiger, soloing big ice walls in the Peruvian Andes, to new routing on a Tibetan Eight thousander. The perfect dessert after a good dinner and a day out on’t hill! “Armchair mountaineering at its best!” Andy Kirkpatrick.

French Ice On a Plate!

What is pure ice climbing all about? What is the difference between Scottish winter ice and Euro Ice. PLUS how do you get started and top tips on how to survive!


Patagonia - Land of Tempest

From new routes on The Towers of Paine in the early 90’s to a recent alpine-style attempt on Cerro Torre with Kenton Cool, Jerry recounts climbing epics on the most beautiful mountains of the world. The changing face of international mountaineering and the dramatic effects of the internet age are both brutally highlighted.

The Age of Reason

Getting old and finding the urge is still strong? Jerry takes you through all the various problems associated with remaining active and finding fun in a sport that requires high levels of fitness and resolve. Training, motivation, family and work pressures are all areas that Jerry explores as he reveals how to still get out regularly and enjoy the amazing world of mountaineering.

For Schools, Colleges & Universities


No Fear, No Limits

An inspirational talk for young people from 13 yrs and upwards. Key topics include how to get motivated, parental pressure, and how to tackle big challenges. Techniques covered include “little steps”, “fear threshold” and “the buddy buddy” system. Excerpts from Eiger North Face, Young Men on Fire and Baffin Big Wall adventures.


For The Business World


Beyond Imagination

An inspirational presentation for the business world – details are fine as they are Matt on your page of me on your website.


For The Diabetic World


2001 and counting….

On January 31st 2001 Jerry was diagnosed a Type 1 insulin-dependant diabetic. He was told that he would have to inject insulin as many as 5 or more times a day and test his blood an equal number of times daily for the rest of his life. Since that date Jerry has continued t push his own personal limits in international mountaineering whilst dealing with this chronic illness including expeditions to Patagonia, Madagascar, and the Pakistan Himalaya. Jerry explains his motivation to continue with his climbing passion, how he deals with the complexities of diabetes often in an extreme and hostile environment and what lessons he has learnt along the way to help him achieve consistently good control.