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Jamie Andrew

Jamie Andrew OBEwas born in 1969, and grew up near Glasgow. In his teens he became an active mountaineer and rock climber, making many successful climbs on severe routes in the Alps, in Africa, and in North America. After Edinburgh University (where he was president of the mountaineering club) he took up a career as an industrial rope access technician, carrying out maintenance and construction projects on high buildings, oil rigs and bridges by means of abseil.

After his accident Jamie made an incredibly swift recovery. Within three and a half months he had learnt to walk on prosthetic legs and had sufficiently re learnt everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and feeding to be able to leave hospital. Immediately he returned to full time work as a manager for a rope access company. In June 2000 Jamie and his long term partner, Anna Wyatt were married.



Since leaving hospital Jamie has become involved in many sporting activities including swimming, running, skiing, snow-boarding, paragliding, caving, orienteering and sailing. However it was returning to mountaineering that was to provide the greatest goal and the biggest challenge.

In June 2000 he climbed Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, raising over £15,000 for charity in the process. A 30 minute documentary, called Climb Back, was made of this ascent, screened on BBC Scotland.

Jamie also returned to active rock climbing and ice climbing and has climbed many difficult routes in Scotland, England,Wales and France.

In May 2001 he returned to Chamonix, scene of his accident, and with one of his doctors and his rescuers, he climbed the Cosmiques Arete on L'Aiguille du Midi, subject of a 50 minute documentary for French television called Le Defi de Jamie, broadcast on France 3 and winner of several film festival awards.

In April 2002 Jamie astounded the world yet again when he ran the London Marathon, raising over £22,000 for charity on the way.


Public Speaking

Jamie is available for all kinds of public speaking engagements, including keynote addresses, motivational speaking, and public and club lectures.

He has a wealth of experience of public speaking including conferences, corporate events, dinners and private functions.

Jamie tells his remarkable story with passion, enthusiasm, sincerity and humour and he invariably leaves no-one in his audience unaffected.



“The more I think about it the more I consider yours to be the best, most inspiring lecture we have had throughout the life of the Himalayan Club.”

“Jamie is an inspired public speaker who kept all our 330 high school students glued to their chairs for more than one and a half hours. He made our teenagers realize that one does not need to accept any limits, but can keep on growing, regardless of set-backs.”

“Your story is a moving and fascinating one and the impact it had on all present, including myself, was profound. It makes one feel very humble.”

“Thank you so much for such a powerful and inspiring presentation yesterday... The courage and determination you've shown in rebuilding the full and rewarding life you live today was one of the most humbling things I've heard and I believe it gave everyone at the conference true pause for thought. The feedback we have received so far has been immensely positive.”

“Jamie Andrew… brings his truly amazing story to life in his inspirational speeches… Jamie is a speaker who will inspire and move any audience, a truly remarkable achiever and human being.”



Jamie's achievements were honoured in 2000 when he was presented with a RADAR (Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) People of The Year Award, and he was also the winner of a Junior Chamber of Commerce Young Scotland Personal Achievement Award.

In 2002 he was the overall winner of the Lloyds TSB / Sunday Mail Great Scot Award. He was also awarded the Peter Bird Trophy for determination and courage at the Dijon Film Festival.