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Andy Kirkpatrick


With rave reviews and packed theatres, Andy has helped to redefine the classic ‘slideshow’ format, with an intoxicating mix of side splitting humour, bum clenching fear and an open and honest insight into the high adrenaline world of mountaineering, all of which has made him one of the most sought after international speakers on the circuit.


The US magazine Climbing described Andy as a climber with a “strange penchant for the long, the cold and the difficult”, with a reputation for seeking out routes where the danger is real, and the return is questionable, he has pushed himself on some of the hardest walls and faces in the Alps and beyond, sometimes with partners and sometimes alone.


Andy is also an accomplished big wall climber, scaling Yosemite’s El Cap over ten times, the mile high crucible of climbing. One of these ascents was a 12 day solo ascent of the Reticent Wall, viewed at the time as perhaps the hardest climb of its type in the world. In 2002 Andy made a 15 day ascent, in winter, of the hardest route on the Dru, a climb that pushed himself and his partner to their limits, and featured in the film ‘Cold Haul’.


Andy is also well known for his expeditions to mystical Patagonia, all of which have taken place in its fearsome winter season, a season in which very few have ever ventured. The stories from these expeditions have become some of the classic modern tales of our time, redefining the words ‘epic’ and ‘cold’!


One of Andy’s biggest strengths is his ability to talk about his life and climbs in a style that is totally accessible to the non climber, translating even the most technical of ascent into a form that will have even the non climber’s hands sweating.


Many people have found Andy’s talks highly inspirational, as he discusses his own struggles in overcoming fear, doubt and most importantly, juggling his climbing life with work and family.


Andy also works with schools and young people, helping to inspire them with the story of his own journey.


Although Andy has given hundreds of presentations in the last 10 years he always endeavours to tailor the show to the particular audience, mixing film, slides and music to provide an unforgettable experience, which combined with his none scripted and stand up approach means that no two shows are alike.

His Talks

Walls Of Horror

El Cap, Troll Wall and the Dru, Andy takes you on a white knuckle ride on some of the hardest and scariest climbs around.

When Hell Freezes Over

Minus 30 Celsius, 120 mph winds, mile high granite walls, this is Patagonia in winter, one of the cruelest climbing destinations on the planet. Andy talks about his three expeditions to Argentina, talking about not only his successes and failures but about his partnerships, overcoming fear, and what it takes to just climb in such a hostile environment.

If you're Not Falling You're not Trying Hard Enough

A motivational lecture aimed at business and schools talking about overcoming failure, learning and becoming stronger because of it, and motivating yourself to bounce back and reach your goals. (40 min)


"Andy Kirkpatrick dazzled everyone with his disheveled hair, English accent, and matching round face and glasses. His hoarse voice screeched commands and curses into the microphone as he silenced the audience for his one-man performance. He narrated slides from a Patagonia climb he had survived with his partner, Ian Parnell. He debased himself, his partner, the trip, and mountaineering in general. “Alpinism is rubbish,” he shrieked. “Don’t do it.” He showed dwarfing landscapes, frozen smiles, soaking wet body suits, and Homer Simpson’s x-rayed head. With a tiny brain, Homer makes the quintessential alpinist. “The first step towards failure is trying,” Andy quoted the wise cartoon. He jumped, shouted, and narrated without seeming to breathe; his audience responding with belly laughs and uncontrollable tears.” 2004 Alpinist Party, Boulder Colorado, USA"



See a selection of Andy's stunning images he uses in his shows in his gallery.


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