About - Heason Events


Heason Events was launched in Spring 2003, inspired by the now-defunct Ape Index (a series of grass-roots rock climbing talks based in Sheffield), and the fast development of projection technology.

The primary aim was to create slick, professional, multimedia presentations, using high tech digital gadgetry to bring an exciting, entertaining and inspiring atmosphere to audiences around the country. Feedback from events held during the winter of 2003 / 04 indicate that things were very well received.

Since those initial shows Heason Events has progressed to a stage where it is able to offer a wide variety of event consultancy and management, including multimedia shows, film festivals, competitions, film screenings, event promotion, and parties.

If you are a climber or a business person (or both), and would like to organise a multimedia show, motivational or corporate lecture, you can browse the Heason Events Speaker Portfolio which lists a host of well-known climbers and mountaineers, many of whom specialise in addressing the business world.


Each year Heason Events organises the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (started in 2006) and Cliffhanger (started in 2007), two major events on the national outdoor events calendar.

If you would like help or advice organising any sort of event, or you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or criticisms, Heason Events would be very pleased to hear from you.